SCIP REACH SVHC declaration Enviropass

The ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) is building the SCIP Online Database to improve the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) reporting transparency. SCIP stands for Substances of Concern In articles, as such, or in complex objects (Products).


Here is the timeframe of the SCIP Database implementation:

  1. Autumn 2019: launch of a user test group and a stakeholder workshop at ECHA (preliminary date 12 November)
  2. Early 2020: launch of the prototype version of the database
  3. July 2020: deadline for Member States to transpose the legal requirements into national law
  4. 5 January 2021: notification duty kicks in for industry

This means that, as an importer or a manufacturer of articles, if after January 5th, 2021 you don't declare anything on the SCIP Database, you are actually stating that your products don't contain any SVHCs above the threshold.  The IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries, is creating standard IPC-1752B to enhance REACH reporting as well. All the other REACH obligations still applies.

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