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The implementation of SCIP, an online database for the notification of substances of very high concern (SVHC) under the European REACH regulation.

Tel. +1 (514) 887-7871
The NAS411 standard on hazardous materials management program - HMMP, and what has to be done to implement it within your organization.

The EU RoHS and WEEES directives exclude from their scopes so-called large-scale electrical and electronic products. What are they? What is considered large-scale?
What are the options and what is the best approach to verify a product RoHS compliance?

We already know the EU REACH regulation on chemicals. What is the UK REACH, stemming from the Brexit?
The UKCA mark is officially adopted when placing products to the UK market

Enviropass regularly posts article on the EP&T Magazine. Please find the article of August 2020 in the "Think Green' heading.
Potential addition of 2 reprotoxic SVHCs to the REACH list, by the end of 2020

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