RoHS Chine

CHINA ROHS Assessment


  • Complying with the European RoHS requirements is not sufficient for claiming conformity to RoHS China (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology MITT Order #32 - Management Methods for the Restriction of the  Use of hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products).
  • Conformity with China RoHS is mandatory to anyone exporting an electrical or electronic equipment to China
  • If there is no RoHS statement on your product or if it does not bear the Environmental Friendly Use Period (EFUP) label, then it is very easy for Chinese authorities to know it is not compliant and therefore to retain it at the border, as it frequently happens
Examples of EFUP marking China RoHS
Examples of EFUP marking


You can choose two types of services as needed:

  • Classic China RoHS
  • Deluxe China RoHS

Please note that if you already have sufficient Europe RoHS technical documentation, Enviropass can reuse and adapt the information to China RoHS requirements for a fraction of the price.


With Classic China RoHS, you allow Expertise Enviropass to take over your products' documentary assessments. A table in Simplified Chinese is also prepared for each substance to be examined, along with the recommendation of the applicable EFUP marking.



Deluxe China RoHS service shows you how to fish!  Indeed, Deluxe China RoHS includes:

  • Verifying products according to China RoHS requirements, preparing the China RoHS table in Chinese and determining the applicable marking
  • Products assessment training that will allow you to analyze yourself your new products and to update your compliance statements as required (i.e. when design change, etc.)