POP - Halogen Free

Did you Know?


Some chemicals, know as persistent organic pollutants (POP) may be found in electrical and electronic equipment.


Examples are:

  • Polybromodyphenyl ethers (PBDE);
  • Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB);
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB);
  • Mirex;
  • Alkanes C10-C13 Chloro (short-chain chlorinated paraffins) (SCCPs).

POPs are prohibited or restricted in various countries, such as Canada (SOR/2012-285 Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances Regulations) and the European Union (Regulation 850/2004 and amendments, RoHS or REACH).

POP Regulated Substances
List of Persistent Organic Pollutants that are regulated
POP Regulated Substances List 2018-05-21
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The Enviropass Approach

As with RoHS, Enviropass recommends the documentary approach with suppliers and subcontractors.  This method offers the best value for your money, avoiding you dozens of expensive testing for potentially dangerous substances present in a tested product.

Classic POP

By using Classic POP, you allow Enviropass to undertake the documentary assessment of your products, including:


  • To date data collection with your suppliers / subcontractors
  • Quality validation of documents and risk analysis
  • Preparation of analysis results and certificates of compliance

 Note that you can apply for POP, REACH and RoHS testing services at lower cost.

Deluxe POP

In addition to the Classic POP services, Deluxe POP gives you the tools to take control over POP compliance. Deluxe POP includes:

  • Products assessment towards POP requirements and delivery of a certificate of compliance
  • Training in products auditing, which will allow you to conduct your own future analysis and to update your declarations of conformity (DoC)