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Our Vision : a world where every product is designed in an environmentally and socially sound manner

Enviropass is dedicated to products environmental compliance

Enviropass' Associates
Enviropass' Associates

Enviropass serves customers all over the USA and Canada.  References are available upon request.

Eric Yiping Li, Documentation Specialist Enviropass
Eric Yiping Li, Documentation Specialist

Eric Yiping Li studies Finance at John Molson School of Business and works as a Technical Documentation Specialist at Enviropass.


He has been collecting and analyzing data related to compliances and is responsible for information and communication within the company.


Eric is fluent in both Mandarin and English. He will be a great support to our Chinese projects! 


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Deborah Osipian B. Industrial Eng.
Deborah Osipian B. Industrial Eng.


Deborah Osipian, B. Industrial Eng, has studied Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal


She has worked as an Environmental Compliance analyst. 


Among other things, Deborah has been in charge of analyzing data to ensure the environmental compliance of products - mainly RoHS and REACH - and investigating potential violations of laws, such as Conflict Minerals in supply chains.


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Marc Auclair, B.A Enviropass
Marc Auclair, B.A

Marc Auclair, B.A., is our business service director. 


Marc holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from Bishop's University.  


Here is what Marc passionately does at Enviropass:

  • Responsible for sales development on a global scale 
  • Provides input on marketing strategies 
  • Performs English proofreading services. Indeed, Marc ensures the professionalism of business presentations by acting as an English proofreader for Enviropass since its inception.

Theo Sowah, B. A,  ESP
Theo Showah, B.A, ESP

Theo Sowah, B.A., Energy and Sustainability Policy (ESP), Penn State University.  Business Development Manager East Coast U.S and Africa. 

  • Responsible for Business consultation/exploration on the East coast of the United States and Africa.
  • Client Advisor on product Environmental compliance for both EU and American Market.
  • Business consultant on environmental compliance policy

Aury Hathout M.Env, CEA Enviropass
Aury Hathout M.Env, CEA

Aury Hathout M. Env, VEA®, CEA, is a certified environmental auditor and has a Master's degree in Environment combined with graduate education in Business Administration from the University of Sherbrooke.


Since 2008, Aury provides practical consulting services, including environmental compliance and management systems auditing in multiple industrial and services sectors - various manufactures, petroleum equipment, construction, municipalities etc.


He is especially responsible for the environmental compliance of hundreds of electrical and electronic products sold worldwide, with any the following requirements: RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Conflict Minerals, Prop. 65, etc.


Offered services include anything from customized training to full support of environmental compliance requirements.  


Through his assessments, Aury is regularly in contact with over 2 500 of the most active manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the electronics field.  


Aury also gives training, lectures (such as Chemical Watch) and teaches Environmental Auditing at the University of Sherbrooke.

AQVE Enviropass Aurélien Hathout

As a Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA), Aury is a member in good standing of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing "Association Québécoise de Vérification Environnementale" (AQVE), which is accredited by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) to perform the certification of persons.

This practical field experience makes Enviropass a unique consulting firm, ready to assist you in your environmental compliance challenges.

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Enviropass is a proud member of the Quebec's Electronic Systems Industry Cluster (ISEQ)

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