Product Environmental Compliance Form

The following free Excel form is kept up-to-date to help you collect environmental information from your suppliers:

Enviropass Product Environmental Compliance Form
Product environmental compliance form directed to manufacturers and suppliers
Enviropass Product Environmental Complia
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The Enviropass Product Environmental Compliance form is based on various regulations and standards, such as the IEC 62474 - Material Declaration for Products of and for the Electrotechnical Industry - and its database.


Using it, you can build your product's technical files, based on risk assessment and substance management, as required under RoHS, REACH, Prop. 65, POP as well as the batteries and packaging regulations for the restrictions of hazardous substances. 


Use and share this form with your colleagues and partners!


To confirm compliance, the supplier's name and part number(s) must be declared in the first tab of the form. Then, any applicable tab must be filled in as well.


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