Energy Efficiency Compliance Enviropass


Energy Related Products (ErP)

The European Union Directive 2009/125/EC applies to energy related products (ErP) that 'represent a significant volume of sales and trade’ (art. 15, paragraph 2(a)). Electrical and electronic devices, subassemblies and components are energy related products since they have ‘an impact on energy consumption during use’ (art. 2, definition 1).


The objective of this Directive, as well as its associated European Commission Regulations for enforcement, is to reduce the environmental impact of ErP. Enforcement actions include consumption efficiency targets, stand-by/off-mode functions and other eco-design specifications for certain product categories such as routers, interfaces, electric motors etc.


Importantly, these energy efficiency requirements are part of the CE marking obligations.

External Power Supply Energy Efficiency

External Power Suppliers

According to the International Efficiency Marking Protocol for External Power Supplies, which is the reference for the requirements in major markets, such as the European Union, the United StatesCanada or Australia.


Are the power supplies you use compliant with the energy efficiency standards and marking requirements ?