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At Enviropass, we are eager to offer you the best experience of environmental compliance within your reach






The Enviropass' Vision is a world where every product is designed in an environmentally and socially sound manner



Enviropass Expertise Inc. is a consulting company that gives compliance solutions in the environmental field.


Provided services cover:


Enviropass Compliance services

Devices environmental compliance

We serve a vast variety of manufacturing industries and products, such as:


  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • monitoring and control instruments
  • medical devices
  • automotive
  • metal parts
  • aerospace
  • military
  • furniture
  • toys
  • and more

Thanks to its practical field experience, Enviropass is a unique consulting firm that is able to provide environmental conformity assistance for all your projects, your way.

Enviropass serves customers all over the USA and Canada.  References are available upon request.

Product Environmental Compliance

Enviropass is specifically dedicated to product testing for a cleaner environment.


  • Best money value with IEC 63000 documentary approach
  • Access to self-verification of your products
  • Available online and onsite services
  • No prototype destruction
  • Personalized support


We care about our clients


Product Compliance Economical

Offered services include anything from customized training to full support of environmental compliance requirements.  

The Enviropass' team has already performed hundreds of environmental compliance assessments of electrical and electronic products sold worldwide.

Product Environmental Compliance RoHS Enviropass

Regulatory or voluntary requirements are critical when it comes to exporting devices to:

Export of products and environmental compliance

Non-compliant products may be withdrawn from the market and product recalls might be requested by surveillance authorities.  

As a result, manufacturers, distributors, and importers diminish the costly risk of damaging their image by monitoring the environmental compliance of their products.  Enviropass is here to help you protect your market strategies.

Environmental Compliance due diligence






Due diligence is our motto!





The Enviropass' team includes a Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA) who is member of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing (AQVE), which is accredited by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) to perform the certification of persons.

Environmental Consultant Montreal

Performed audits follow the most well know applicable standards that are recognized by both enforcement authorities and the industry, such as:


  • IEC 63000 - Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances
  • ISO 19011 - Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • CSA Z773 - Environmental compliance auditing


Services provided by Enviropass are covered by professional liability insurance and can be offered on-demand in:

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Russian and
  • German

We are located in Montreal (Quebec) and we serve customers all over the USA and Canada since 2014.

Environmental laws are regularly updated and amended. Therefore, to stay informed please subscribe to our free newsletter on environmental compliance and legal obligations.

You can also reach us via the Enviropass' contact page for all questions and inquiries.

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